Offensive Faith

Offensive Faith

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Taking Your Faith on the Offense in a World Trying to Keep you on the Defense

To the world around us, the Christian faith is becoming increasingly offensive. In a nation that was once birthed by and steeped in Christian values, the message of the cross has become both obsolete and outrageous.

So where does that leave us as Christians? Do we withdraw and seek to protect ourselves, our families, and our churches? Or do we go on the offense, bringing our faith to those who don’t know Christ? 

In this captivating book, written by USMC veteran Jeremy Stalnecker and local church pastor Stephen Chappell, be reminded that Christianity has always been an offensive faith. That is—it has been distasteful to the world but it has flourished as Christians have proactively advanced the message of the gospel. Each chapter will encourage and challenge you to boldly live out your faith and purposefully share the gospel with others. 

Offensive Faith is a call to action—the same actions that Jesus gave through the Great Commission and the early church in the book of Acts carried out. This book will help you live an intentional life that stands for Christ while seeking to lovingly share the message of salvation with others.