March or Die

March or Die

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Life is hard. As much as we want to live hope-filled lives, these difficulties often keep us stuck in place while the world around us falls apart. We want to move forward, but we just don't know how.

But moving forward really isn't that complicated. It is the process of putting one foot in front of the other, one day at a time. It is understanding that as bad as things seem right now, the alternative to pushing forward is death. Not physical death. But relational, emotional, or spiritual.

Through the pages of this book Jeremy Stalnecker, using the experiences of war, illustrates how to move forward when we don't know what to do. There is hope even in the most hopeless situation for those that are willing to March when it would be easier to Die! It's time to stop looking back, stop making excuses and stop allowing yourself to remain stuck. It's time to take the next step! 

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